Painter of Doom, Horror, Chaos, and Doubt.

Photo by Ruedi Hoffman

Paintings An online visual resource for the Paintings of Michael X. Rose

Atlantis The Cataclysmic Destruction of the Legendary Civilization

Bacchanalia Orgiastic Rituals of Drunken Abandon to The God Bacchus 

Bestiaries Scenes of the Romans Feeding the Christians to the Beasts

Centaurs Centaurs in Action, Fighting, Celebrating, and Enjoying Life

Crusades Jerusalem and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Cults and Myth ​A Terrifying Look at the Cults of Pre-History

Death The Grim Reaper Tolls Ask Not

Deluge The Biblical Flood Obliterates Humanity

Garden of Eden Man before The Fall

Ghosts Spectres and Phantoms

Greek Myths Andromeda, Medusa, Minotaur, Cyclops

ISIS and Jihad Visual Document of Atrocity for the Victims

Monsters Leviathan, Kong, and Other Unnamable Manifestations

Ruins and Lightning ​Ruins, Myth, Fate, Hope, and Despair

Saints and Christ Christ, His Saints, and Miracles

Sampson in the Temple Samson Brings the Temple of DagonUpon the PHillistiines' Heads

Slavery The Horrors of the Infamy

Terrors of the Sea Fate decided in the Pitiless Waves

Wolves, Tigers, Lions When Nature Strikes

Zombies and Yeti ​Zombies, Yeti, Sasquatch

Paintings II Paintings from 2010 and Earlier